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Breaking the Silos in Building IOT ?>

Breaking the Silos in Building IOT

Today’s building automation systems are silos, using their own sensors and controls. Why should an occupancy sensor in a room help control only the lights? One of the major advantages of having intelligent sensors is their ability to talk to each other. Are we using this capability intelligently to optimize all the systems in the building? Today, the clear answer is no. Today’s buildings have quite a few systems in place for specific purposes. HVAC systems control heating and cooling…

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Smart Buildings = Context aware buildings? ?>

Smart Buildings = Context aware buildings?

Will the smart buildings be aware of what is going on with the occupants, should it? For example, should it know, what they are doing, what their preferences are? Contextual and Situational awareness are key technical pillars of a smart building. Situational awareness is more about the perception and understanding of environmental elements, both internal and external to the building. While it is not phrased as “situational awareness”, most of the smart building solutions today include aspects of situational awareness,…

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